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Do the First 7 Years of Life Really Mean Everything?

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The first kids

Postby Tausar В» 10.04.2020

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As a parent, taking this theory to heart can cause waves of anxiety. But like parenting styles, child development theories can also become antiquated and disproven. For example, in the s and 50s , pediatricians believed feeding babies formula was better than breastfeeding them.

Today, both theories have been discounted. So the first seven years of life might not mean everything , at least not in a finite way — but studies do show these seven years hold some importance in your child developing social skills. Data from Harvard University shows the brain develops rapidly during the first years of life.

However, as infants become toddlers, serve and return interactions can be expressed by playing make-believe games, too. It can form the foundation for how a child learns social norms, communication skills, and relationship ins and outs. My responses were validating, and our back-and-forth interaction became the heart of the game.

Attachment styles are another crucial part of child development. They stem from the work of psychologist Mary Ainsworth. Based on her observations, she concluded there are four attachment styles children can have:. Ainsworth found that secure children feel distressed when their caregiver leaves, but comforted upon their return. On the other hand, anxious-insecure children become upset before the caregiver leaves and clingy when they come back. This applies to children who are physically and emotionally abused.

Securely attached kids may feel sad when their parents leave, but are able to remain comforted by other caregivers. As the grow up, securely attached children rely on relationships with parents, teachers, and friends for guidance. For example, adults whose parents cared for their safety needs by providing food and shelter but neglected their emotional needs are more likely to develop an anxious-avoidant attachment style.

Anxious-insecure adults may fear abandonment, making them hypersensitive to rejection. By the time kids reach first or second grade , they begin to separate from primary caregivers by making friends of their own.

They also start to long for peer acceptance and are better equipped to talk about their feelings. When my daughter was 7 years old, she was able to verbalize her desire to find a good friend. She also began putting concepts together as a way to express her feelings. Seven-year-olds can also make deeper meaning of the information that surrounds them. They may be able to talk in metaphor, reflecting an ability to think more broadly.

And this is what helps build a secure attachment style and helps children meet developmental milestones in stride. But what we can do is set them up for success by engaging with them as a trustworthy adult.

We can show them how we manage big feelings, so that when they experience their own failed relationships, divorce, or work stress, they can think back to how Mom or Dad reacted when they were young. Between technology, jobs, and chores, you're missing out on your kids' lives. Here are 11 ways to avoid distracted parenting.

One mother shares a heartfelt message with her little girl, encouraging her to hold onto her inner beauty forever. Check out these top parenting books for advice on communication, positive parenting, and raising a happy family. As a single parent, you take care of everything from the family budget to medical emergencies. Mom guilt is real, especially in this social media—heavy environment.

What can you do to combat it? We'll give you some practical tips. Attachment parenting is a philosophy that emphasizes physical and emotional closeness with your child. We'll break down the principles and tell you…. Whether or not parental alienation syndrome is a recognized mental health condition, it's certainly a real thing. We'll tell you what it is and what…. When it comes to buying for the first-time parents in your life, we've got all your bases covered with this guide to the best gifts for new moms and….

RIE parenting is a method in which children — even the youngest of infants — are treated with respect and communicated with in an adult-like way…. Share on Pinterest. In the first years of life, the brain rapidly develops its mapping system. Attachment styles affect how one develops future relationships. By the age of 7, kids are putting the pieces together. Parenthood Life. Read this next. All About Attachment Parenting.

What Is Parental Alienation Syndrome?

Kids Experience Their First Brain Freeze - Kids First Time - HiHo Kids, time: 3:06
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Re: the first kids

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Re: the first kids

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